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  To See or not To See
auteur Bart van der Lugt
formaat 22.7 cm x 15.2 cm
ISBN  978-1-910889-63-3
aantal blz 204
prijs  €62.99
uitgegeven in  2017
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Book content
• lighting is a kind of magic
• psycho-optics
• physics in a nutshell
• light depreciation
• light source failing behaviour
• solid angle efficiency
• beyond the Purkinje-effect
• Batavia in the spotlights
• full circle
• elementary
• a tribute to the revealing power


To See or Not to See contains various interesting topics about lighting. Some of them are almost entirely technical in nature while others are mixed with some philosophy or history and a dash of humour. To See or Not to See can be considered as a log of a journey into the fascinating world of light and lighting. This is why it doesn’t have the logical layout that you can find in other books on this subject. Basically, it’s a collection of essays on various issues of interest or fascination the author has encountered during that still continuing journey; essays such as psycho-optics, light source failing behaviour, beyond the Purkinje-effect and a tribute to the revealing power. Therefore, the author would like to invite you to accompany him on this fascinating journey.