cover the light code

  The light code
Auteur Norbert Werner Wasserfurt-Grzybowski
Formaat 23x28x2 cm
ISBN ISBN: 978-3-9811940-9-8
Aantal blz 184
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Uitgegeven in 2018
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The Light Code - Norbert Werner Wasserfurth-Grzybowski (english/german) (

In the eyes of Norbert Werner Wasserfurt-Grzybowski, "Light is encoded reality" is one of the most important findings resulting from his work on this book. But how does lighting design come about in practice? What part does it play in urban development today, and what methods should we apply to be able to cope with future developments?
The content of the four main chapters:

  • OLD - Organic Lighting Design
  • UrbanSpace - LightSpace
  • Urban Coding by Prof. Dr. Gerdum Enders
  • Communication management

Together with the subsequent project reports, are an attempt to provide answers to these questions. The four main chapters are the result of numerous scientific studies, project work, teaching activities and discussions with friends and staff. The ten project reports invite further study and illustrate what developments have been made with respect to the contents of the four main chapters within a timeframe of around ten years.